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Neutral Bio

Leslie Sinner McEvoy, Esq.

Minneapolis, MN 


Phone: 612-314-3862 (office) 





  • J.D. cum laude, University of Minnesota, 1983

  • B.A. summa cum laude, College of St. Benedict, 1980


  • Mediator, Arbitrator, Teacher, Trainer, Coach & Consultant

  • Principal, McEvoy Conflict Management & Legal Education Consulting

  • Qualified Neutral under the Rules of the Minnesota Supreme Court for ADR Rosters and Training

  • Adjunct Professor, Mitchell Hamline School of Law, 2017-present

  • Volunteer Mediator: Community Mediation & Restorative Services

  • Volunteer Mediator, Minnesota Department of Human Rights

  • Board Member, Community Collaborative Law Initiative

  • Executive Council Member, MSBA ADR Section

  • Teacher and Trainer, Minnesota Continuing Legal Education


  • Web Education Director, Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, 2009-2019

  • Teacher and Trainer, Minnesota Continuing Legal Education

  • Adjunct Professor, William Mitchell College of Law, 2008, 2009, 2015

  • Arbitrator, Commercial/Employment Panels - American Arbitration Association, 1994-2009

  • USPS REDRESS Mediation Program Mediator, 2008

  • Mediator, McEvoy Mediation and Arbitration Services, 2005-2009

  • Volunteer Mediator, Community Mediation Services, 2005-present

  • Volunteer Mediator, Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights, 2009

  • Volunteer Mediator, Minnesota Department of Human Rights, 2009

  • Executive Council Member, MSBA ADR Section, 2006-2010

Foundational Mediation & Arbitration Training attended:

  • Mediation Skills – Theory and Practice, Dispute Resolution Institute, Hamline University Law School, St. Paul, MN, 1993 (30 hours) (qualified for Rule 114)

  • AAA Basic and Advanced Arbitration Training Courses, Minneapolis, MN, 1994-2009

  • Community Bridge Mediation Training, Community Mediation Services (nka Community Mediation and Restorative Services; fka North Hennepin Mediation Program, Inc.) 2004-2005 (15 hours)

  • Advanced Mediator Training, Mediating Employment Issues, St. Olaf, Northfield, MN, December 9, 2005 (6 hours)

  • Transformative Mediation Principles and Practice Skills, USPS REDRESS Program Mediator Training, St. Paul, MN, September 18-20, 2007 (20 hours)

  • Understanding and Responding to Organizational Conflict Training, Mediation Center for Dispute Resolution, St. Paul, MN, May 11, 2007 (6 hours)

  • Mediating Online Training: Mediating eCommerce, Property & Workplace Disputes,; Jim Melamed, Clare Fowler, Colin Rule, April 20-May 1, 2020 (online) (20 hours)

General ADR Training attended (selected):

  • Technology of Participation (ToP)® Facilitation Methods Course, Stephanie Ahles, Institute of Cultural Affairs in the USA, St. Louis Park, MN, October 26-27, 2020 (12 hours)

  • MN CLE Advanced Negotiation Training, Nina Meierding, September 17, 2020 (online) (6 hours)

  • Facilitating Group Participation – Blended E-Learning 7 Week Program, Laurie Dougherty, Certified ToP Facilitator and Qualified Trainer, Dougherty Inc. , June 6-July 21 and July 22-September 9, 2020 (hybrid online – both synchronous and asynchronous) (7 weeks x 2)

  • Facilitating Dynamic Groups During COVID-19…Online, Donna Silverberg & Charles Wiggins, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine Caruso Law, Malibu CA, June 26, 2020 (online) (4 hours)

  • The Strategic Negotiator, Minnesota CLE, Nina Meierding, June 2, 2020 (online) (6 hours)

  • Listening When It’s Hard To Do, CMRS & Community Mediation Baltimore, Erricka Wonder Voice Bridgeford, June 1, 2020 (online) (2 hours)

  • MN CLE Annual ADR Institute, 1998, 2000-2001, 2003-2020

  • Conflict Resolution Minnesota Annual Conferences, St. Paul, MN, 2005-2020 (various)

  • ABA Dispute Resolution Section Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN, 2019; Seattle, WA, 2015; New York, NY, April 2009

  • ACR Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN, October 2013; October 2005

  • MN CLE Upper Midwest Annual Employment Law Institute, Negotiation/Mediation School, St. Paul, MN, May 2009

  • MN CLE Annual ADR Institute: The Mediator’s Guide to Negotiations, Pre-Institute Skills Training, Minneapolis, MN, October 18, 2007 (6 hours)

  • Transformative Mediation Conference, St. Paul, MN, September 17-18, 2006

  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals 6th Annual Networking and Educational Forum, Atlanta, GA, October 28-30, 2005

ADR Courses Taught:

  • Mitchell Hamline School of Law (and predecessor William Mitchell College of Law):

    • Facilitation [online - synchronous] 2021 (adjunct - lead) (upcoming)

    • Mediation [online] 2019-2021 (adjunct - assistant) (2021 upcoming)

    • Negotiation [online] 2020 (adjunct - assistant)

    • Cross-Cultural Dispute Resolution [online] – 2018-2019 (adjunct - assistant)

    • Organizational Conflict Management [online] 2018 (adjunct - assistant)

    • ADR Survey Course [online] – 2017-2018 (adjunct - assistant)

    • Alternative Dispute Resolution [ADR] Survey Course [in-person] (MN Rule 114 Certified Course, Civil Facilitative and Civil Adjudicative Rosters) – 2008-2009; 2015 (adjunct - lead)


  • Certified Civil Arbitration Skills Training, MN CLE, Planner and Co-Presenter (2017-2020)

  • Certified Civil Arbitration Skills Training, MN CLE, Arbitration Simulation Coach (2008-2016)

ADR Presentations given:

Mediation Topics

  • “Mediation Ethics: Say What? 10 Surprises for Minnesota Mediators,” MN CLE Webcast (January 27, 2021) (upcoming); Conflict Resolution Minnesota Annual Conference 2020 – Healing the Divide (August 8, 2020)

  • “Prepare, Prepare, Prepare – An Attorney’s Guide to a More Productive Mediation,” MN CLE Webcast with co-presenter Toni Newborn (December 18, 2020) (upcoming)

  • “Mediation is Confidential, Right?” MN CLE Webcast (July 9, 2020); MN CLE 2020 Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute (Replay September 16, 2020); with co-presenter Linda Mealey-Lohman, MN CLE Webcast, MN CLE 2014 ADR Institute (October 2014) and MN CLE 2014 Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute (May 2014)

  • “Mediation Ethics: Caucus Conundrums,” with co-presenter Linda Mealey-Lohmann, MN CLE 2019 ADR Institute (October 2019); ABA Dispute Resolution Conference (April 2019)

  • “An Introduction to Ethics for Minnesota Mediators,” MN CLE Certified Civil Mediation Skills Training (2013-2019)

  • “Review & Preview: Rule 114 Ethics,” Conflict Resolution Minnesota Annual Conference (May 4, 2018)

  • “Shifts in Mediation Practice: Understanding Your Evolution as a Mediator,” moderator, MN CLE 2016 ADR Institute (October 28, 2016)

  • “Mediation Ethics & Confidentiality,” with co-presenter Linda Mealey-Lohmann, CMRS Mediation Training (October 19, 2016)

  • “Mediation Confidentiality: Rules, Statutes and Ethical Standards,” MN CLE 2015 ADR Institute (October 2015)

  • “Mediation Ethics: Confidentiality in MN,” with co-presenter Linda Mealey-Lohmann, Community Mediation & Restorative Services CLE (May 2015)

  • “ADR: Debunking Mediation Myths,” MN CLE Webcast, co-presenter with Nina Meierding and Linda Mealey-Lohmann (June 9, 2014)

  • “Mediating in a Diverse Workplace,” with co-presenter Linda Mealey-Lohmann, Association for Conflict Resolution National Conference (October 10, 2013)

  • “Minnesota Mediator Conduct: Ethical Dilemmas for Mediators,” Advanced Mediator Training: An Introduction to the Transformative Model, Twin Cities Mediation (June 2009; July 2008)

Arbitration Topics

  • “Ethics Issues for Arbitrators: Those Pesky Disclosures,” Best Practices for Conducting Arbitrations, MN CLE (August 14, 2019 & July 21, 2016)

  • “Ethics Issues for Advocates in Arbitration,” Best Practices for Advocates in Arbitrations, MN CLE (August 14, 2019 & July 21, 2016)

  • “Arbitrating Ethically: An Introduction,” MN CLE Certified Civil Arbitration Skills Training (2017-2018; 2020)

  • “The Female Arbitrator: Dearth and Opportunity,” MN CLE Webcast, with co-presenters Madge Thorsen and Bernice Fields (February 14, 2008)

General ADR Topics

  • “Understanding the Other ADR Processes: Evaluative & Adjudicative Processes,” MN CLE Certified Civil Arbitration Skills Training (November 20, 2020); with co-presenter Linda Mealey-Lohmann (November 2017, 2018)

  • “The Complete Lawyer: ADR Essentials,” MN CLE Webcast with co-presenter Linda Mealey-Lohmann (July 12, 2016)

  • “ADR: Navigating the Maze of Civil ADR Processes: Unpacking MN Rule 114,” MN CLE Webcast, co-presenter with Linda Mealey-Lohmann (April 3, 2014)

  • “ADR Book Reports: Faculty Favorites, Old and New,” moderator and panelist, MN CLE ADR Institute (October 2013)

  • “ADR Processes in MN: Making the Most of our Smorgasbord of Options,” with co-presenter Linda Mealey-Lohmann, MSBA ADR Section CLE (October 8, 2013)

  • “Neutrals in the Hot Seat,” with co-presenter Aimee R. Gourlay, MN CLE ADR Institute (October 2012)

  • “Top 10 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make in ADR,” with co-presenter Linda Mealey-Lohmann, MN CLE ADR Institute (October 2011)

  • “Interactive ADR Ethics for Advocates and Neutrals,” moderator, MN CLE Employment Law Institute (May 2011)

  • The Minnesota ADR Handbook Course, co-planner and co-presenter with Gary A. Weissman and Linda Mealey-Lohmann, MN CLE (April 26, 2011)

  • “ADR Book Club: Predictably Irrational and How We Decide,” with co-presenter Aimee R. Gourlay, MN CLE ADR Institute (October 2010)

  • “Keys to Ethical Mediation & Arbitration: An Ethics Session for Advocates and Neutrals,” moderator, ADR Ethics Issues and Answers, MN CLE (April 15, 2010)

  • “ADR Mini-Series: The Unrepresented Party,” MN CLE Webcast, moderator (November 16, 2009)

  • “Interactive Ethics: Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in ADR,” moderator, MN CLE ADR Institute (October 2009)

  • “The Unrepresented Party: Tips and Traps for Negotiators and Neutrals,” MDLA 34th Annual Trial Techniques Seminar (August 14, 2009)

  • “Keys to Ethical Mediation & Arbitration: An Ethics Session for Advocates and Neutrals,” moderator, Negotiation & ADR: Ethics Issues and Answers, MN CLE (April 1, 2009)

Publications authored:


  • Minnesota ADR Handbook, with co-authors Gary Weissman and Linda Mealey-Lohmann (MN CLE 2011)

Manuals and Legal QuickSheets

  • Certified Civil Arbitration Skills Training Manual, co- author and editor with Linda Mealey-Lohmann and Madge Thorsen (MN CLE 2017-2020)

  • Mediation Confidentiality, MN CLE Legal QuickSheet, with co-author Linda Mealey-Lohmann (MN CLE 2015)


  • "Mediation is Confidential, Right?" with co-author Linda Mealey-Lohmann, MN CLE Employment Law Institute (May 2014; updated July 2020)

  • "Mediation Ethics: Confidentiality in MN, MINNESOTA REFERENCE GUIDE – Key Rules & Statutes & Ethical Standards," co-author with Linda Mealey-Lohmann (MN CLE 2015)

  • "Confidentiality in ADR," MN CLE ADR Institute (October 2012)

Past Experience:


Arbitrator, American Arbitration Association, 1994 to 2009.  As a sole or panel arbitrator, I have arbitrated a variety of commercial and employment disputes ranging in size from several thousand dollars to several million dollars, with hearings ranging from a single day to two weeks.  Issues arbitrated include: employment disputes, age discrimination, independent sales representative issues, non-compete issues, breach of contract, fraud, shareholder issues, securities issues, and insurance.


As a private and volunteer mediator, I have mediated over 100 disputes, including breach of contract, housing, employment, school issues, restorative justice, and neighbor to neighbor disputes.  As a volunteer I have mediated discrimination claims for the City of Minneapolis and State of Minnesota.  I have also mediated in the community, in housing court and conciliation court, in the schools, in restorative justice programs and online.

Collaborative Law

Member, Task Force to the Supreme Court Advisory Committee for Proposed Rule 114A of the Minnesota Rules of General Practice for the District Courts, concerning Collaborative Practice, 2005-2007.


I was a litigation associate from 1983 to 1985 with O’Connor & Hannan and from 1985 to 1994 with Fruth & Anthony, P.A.  As a litigator, I practiced in both federal and state courts, as well as handling matters before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Unemployment Compensation Appeals Board.  Representative employment litigation includes: employment litigation matters such as age, race, sex, and disability discrimination and sexual harassment matters under state and federal civil rights laws; contract and tort claims, including non-competition clause issues and Pine River claims; ERISA matters; and unemployment compensation appeals.  Other representative litigation includes: shareholder and partnership disputes, securities fraud claims, franchise and dealership disputes, negligence claims, contract disputes, personal injury, products liability claims, class actions, and environmental litigation.

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