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Conflict Management

Leslie offers a variety of conflict management processes, both in-person and online.  Leslie is a Rule 114 Qualified Neutral under the Rules of the Minnesota Supreme Court for ADR Rosters and Training.


Leslie mediates employment, commercial, and other civil and interpersonal disputes.  Leslie has been a mediator since 1994, and has mediated a wide variety of civil disputes.  Leslie strives to provide a balanced process in which all parties can be heard and understood.


Leslie arbitrates employment and general commercial matters.  She has been an arbitrator since 1994, arbitrating as a sole or panel arbitrator, and has been a member of the AAA Commercial and Employment Panels.  Leslie works to provide an efficient and fair process and clear decision.

Conflict Coaching

When conflict threatens to disrupt your workplace or business, Leslie can provide coaching to individuals in conflict to assist them in understanding and managing the conflict, and to improve their conflict management skills.

Conflict Consulting

If your business of organization is experiencing systemic conflict, Leslie can offer consulting services to get at the root of the problem and help the organization to understand the conflict and make choices about how to move forward in another way.

Legal Education Consulting

Leslie offers a variety of legal education consulting services.  Leslie worked as a webcast program attorney and web education director for Minnesota CLE for over 10 years and brings a host of experiences from that work to her consulting role.

CLE Curriculum Design Consulting

If your organization wants to offer CLE to your constituents, but you’re not sure how to get started or how to increase your impact, I consult* on your curriculum and help you to create a top-notch catalog of offerings.

Instructional Design Consulting

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Speaking & Training

Presentation Delivery Coaching

If you want to take your presentation skills to the next level, then Presentation Delivery Coaching is for you.   Learn how to truly connect with your audience and leave a lasting impact.

Presentation Design Consulting

One of the best ways to increase the impact of a presentation is through dynamic design.  Learn how to maximize your impact with tried and true presentation design strategies.

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Speaking & Training


Conflict Management

Speaking and Training

I have spoken and trained frequently on a variety of ADR topics, including mediation, mediation ethics, confidentiality, caucus, arbitration, arbitration ethics, and more!

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Legal Education

Speaking and Training

Have me speak for you on CLE topics, including: CLE presentation skills, CLE design and delivery, and the business of CLE.

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