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Leslie Sinner McEvoy

Mediator, Arbitrator, Trainer, Coach and Consultant

Meet Leslie

Leslie Sinner McEvoy is a mediator, arbitrator, trainer, coach and consultant in the fields of conflict management and legal education.  She is also an author and speaker.


Pathways to Greater Understanding

Conflict Management


Conflict Management

Leslie is a mediator, arbitrator and facilitator.  She is also a conflict coach and consultant.  Leslie mediates and arbitrates employment, commercial, and other civil and interpersonal disputes.  Leslie facilitates workplace issues and coaches individuals in conflict management.  Leslie also offers conflict consulting services to organizations experiencing systemic conflict.

Legal Education

Leslie offers a variety of legal education coaching and consulting services.  Leslie worked as a Webcast Program Attorney and as the Web Education Director for Minnesota CLE for over 10 years and brings a host of experiences from that work to her coaching and consulting roles.

Speaking & Training

Leslie is available to speak for your organization on a wide variety of topics related to conflict management, ADR and continuing legal education.  She has been a teacher, trainer and speaker for over 10 years and would love to design a custom presentation for your organization.

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   Phone: 612-314-3862 

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